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  Cocker Spaniels are a big part of our life , it is important to us to breed for ;  quality  & good health so you will get a best friend for a long time.

Cocker Spaniels are not for everyone , we recommend you do your  research before getting one.

Cockers are considered a high maintenance dog because of all the work it takes to keep the long hair maintained and beautiful .

some people just keep the hair trimmed all the way down ;

that is a good idea if you do not have time to brush them every day.

Cocker Spaniels have runny eyes , you will have to clean their eyes often .

Cocker Spaniels  are prone to ear infections , it is important that you do not get water in their ears when you bath them..

 IF.. you do... make sure you clean in the ears well after bathing.

also keep the hair trimmed inside the ear so air can get in the ears to keep them dry.

( a lot of hair growth in the ears can cause  moisture

to build up in the ears and cause a ear infection )

If you think your cocker has a ear infection please take them to your vet , because it is very painful to the dog.

some times the ear will have a yeasty smell if there is an infection.

When you get your Cocker Spaniel puppy be sure you get the shot record and any Vet information they may have on the puppy.

If you have never had a puppy before make sure you do your research first.... it is vary important .. you know what you are getting in to.... maybe a older dog.... may be better for you..

Puppies are not born with the knowledge  to go to the door and letting you know they have to go potty you will have to train them to do so... and rubbing their nose in the mess is NOT teaching the puppy anything so ...DON'T... do that is a training process that will take time and patience. If you do not know where to start with your potty training talk to a breeder or your vet.. most breeders well help in any way they can.






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