Lake Erie Cockeer Spaniels

I live in Port Clinton Oh. with my wonderful husband ( Jr. Meacham) we have 4 kids ( Rachael ; Eric; Jessie; & Georgia) and 15 grandkids ( Abby ; JJ ; Hope ;Gage ; Faith : Morgan ; little Eric ; Betty Joe : Michael ; Abigail ; Caroline; Andrew : Dallas & Sammie . and Haily ) .

We own Jeanett's Bait & Tackel , it is a seasonal business so we are opened

 April - Nov. . We catch Lake Erie Shiners and whole sale them to retail stores

I run the store and my husband runs the whole sale department .

If you like fishing Lake Erie is the place to come.

 We are the walleye capital  of the world and have a great festival to celabrate waleye season in the spring (;    and we can't forget  Lake Erie Islands ; if you are in town you have to go to the island, (   we also have Cedar Point Amusment Park (  ), ( A MUST VISIT )

We are proud of our beautiful Lake and love living here it is a great place to raise a family.




We are a very close family and believe in hard work and god first. 

            Little Eric

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